God Is Raising Up HIS Daughters To Pray


Women on Mountains

I woke up with a dream this morning on January 17th, 2020.  In my dream, I saw that mountains were rising up all over our country and women leaders were standing on top of those mountains. They were calling out and beckoning sisters to join her on that mountain.  Big ones and little ones were sprouting up everywhere! I inquired of the Lord and He said “PRAY!!!” 

“Pray for these mighty mountains to rise up, Daughters who will be my ambassadors, who will intercede on that mountain for their country and their people. For I am rising up leaders of mountains over states, over cities, over territories, over circles of influence who shall be my foot soldiers to take the land! 

My Bride in Boots!

Fast &Pray, Train & Take Arms, for the Lord your God has spoken this decree! 

Watch and see the mighty right hand of your Father move on your behalf! 

The landscape of your land is about to change!”

“And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14 


You have a niche, you have a following, you have a territory that is assigned to YOU… Know what YOU carry! 

No one else can reach your circle the way you can! 

Go ahead… STAND on your MOUNTAIN, lift high your SWORD, and take the ground that the Father has given you! 

Love, Linette 


Visionary/ Founder


God is Still Writing Our Story

Our story is one that began in 1995, the dining room of founder, Linette Rainville.  It tells of how one Buffalo, NY daughter, mother, and U.S. Navy Veteran turned her family’s need into a grassroots mission.  In 1995, the family envisioned helping people in need of clothing and household necessities, so they began an outreach effort and named it the Homestead Establishment.  This small project grew to be the Trading Post Community Care Center and Fellowship Hill Ministries in Springville, NY.  Then in 2019, this National Movement became known and established as Daughters United!   

Ours is a story of never giving up, of relentlessly pursuing our purpose, and fostering a passion to share God’s love.  God’s not done writing our stories.  Our hope is to be a blessing, by coming alongside you, as God continues to write your next chapter.

We invite you to join this incredible tribe of women who reach over walls, support one another, and intentionally use their gifts and resources to build the Kingdom of God.