Mentor Me

Mentor & Train


"The one who walks with the wise will become wise."


Live FEARLESS… Discover your superpower! Learn how to uncover the hidden gifts that reside within the DNA of your life, your family, your church, and community.


Live FULL. Get positioned for your purpose. Become equipped to walk out the calling on your life. You my dear, were born for this! You just need to gather your tools.


Live FREE. Engage with others who have a similar vision, mission, and calling. As you step out into this community, you will find you are not a lone-ranger. Being part of a sisterhood and stepping out together will make a difference in your calling, your region, and your nation. Who knows? Someday, your little dream might even go global!

Mentor Me LIVE!

Nestled safe in our “tribes” we provide an on-ramp to network, train, develop, and co-mentor one another. We become #SisterStrong as we share our hearts, our wisdom, our losses and our wins together.

  We encourage each other to “GATHER, GROW, and GO” taking the next step to become effectual arrows of light, hope, and love in our Circles of Influence.  Every women’s ministry would benefit by developing a mentoring program.  We can help. Reach out to us today!

Mission Builders Academy

Our academy provides valuable step by step blueprints, tools and trainings  for Kingdom Women

During your BOOTCAMP EXPERIENCE, you will successfully take your VISION, develop a ROADMAP, learn SKILLS to create your ministry blueprint…and actually LAUNCH your first steps! 

BOOTCAMP alone is a valuable PROGRAM that gives you a great foundation to GROW your mission, project or ministry…

But if you want to go further…

there is more! 

You will have the opportunity to apply to our COACHING ACADEMY and become a CERTIFIED COACH or MENTOR  in your niche’!

We also offer Leadership Mission and Vision training for churches and ministries who are REVISIONING their Mission, Calling, and Purpose.

Mentor, Coach, Chaplain Certification

Daughters United

One of the greatest needs in the church today is effective training in outreach ministry. Our Certification program is a combination of distance (online) learning and experience training for those who have a heart to minister outside church walls. 

As a Certified Mentor, Coach or Chaplain you will be trained to be a support for people you are called to serve.  We give you the tools you need so that you can GODFIDENTLY step into outreach ministry, visit the sick in hospitals & nursing homes, offer “soul food” healing at food pantries, marketplace, with youth, as a first responder, and more.

 Whatever outreach you have been called to do, this training program will expand & enhance your ministry! 

We offer a 1 year program for emerging leaders who wish to become certified for outreach work in church, para-church, online coaching, in hospital or marketplace ministry.

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