United prayer drive

virtual worship and prayer experience

United prayer drive guide


You are excited to invite you to TAKE PART in a NATIONAL PRAYER DRIVE!

Below are the steps you need to help ORGANIZE A PRAYER DRIVE.




Ready? Set, PRAY!


If you need an infographic like the one to the right to promote your PRAYER DRIVE, let us know! We can make one specific to your region that you can share via text, email and social media. 

Email your request to: [email protected]

how to start a prayer drive:

1. Choose a SET TIME you will “GO LIVE” while you DRIVE.

2. CONNECT with your family and friends, invite them to JOIN YOU virtually.

3. Secure a mobile phone holder on your dashboard, or enlist of of your passengers to be the camera operator. (always operate your vehicle in a safe manner and never take your eyes off the road).

4. Designate your ROUTE: This cold be as close as a 2-3 mile radius around your community. Think about the burdens of your heart. Go there and pray! (i.e.: Children: Drive by the school playground; Government; Drive by City Hall).

5. Designate your PRAYER STOPS, some examples are:

Schools, Playgrounds, Daycares, Grocery Stores, Bards, Restaurants, Town Halls, Police Stations, Fire Stations, Hospitals, Clinics, Pregnancy Centers, Bus Stations, Buss Stops, Train Stations, Airports, Banks, Insurance Companies Manufacturing Plants, Small Businesses, Gas Stations, Auto Repair Shops, Truck Stops, as examples.

6. DETERMINE DRIVE TIME:  You detainee the length of your LIVE DRVE. 10-20 minutes is suggested. 

7. Merge LOVE ROCKS AMERICA: This is great opportunity to merge the Love Rocks Project with your drive. This can be especially meaningful if you have children in the car! You can pray over your LOVE ROCK and then have the children go and “hide” it somewhere (on a bench, a branch of a tree on a window ledge, etc.)



As you DRIVE, ASK GOD to show you things, you will be AMAZED at what He REVEALS!



  1. Each GROUP will have a “LEAD” Prayer Car that will go LIVE while they DRIVE.
  2. The team leader will go LIVE on their FACEBOOK FEED, tag @DaughtersUnited, @LoveRocksAmerica, tag the home church or ministry, invite your friends!
  3. Snap a selfie or group picture and post: #ReadySetPray #PrayerDrive2020  #PrayerDriveLive (your town)
  4. Your church may also wish to do this via ZOOM, having several prayer teams out at the same time and reporting into “HQ”- Headquarters.
  5. Drop us an email: [email protected] to let us know when you are doing your LIVE-DRIVE so we can be praying alongside you!
  6. PRAY for God’s Love and Healing to pour over your neighborhood, city and region.
  7. SHARE what you are seeing. Post your prayers. Others will join ARMS with you (virtually) across the country!

As you pray, please keep in mind our  Pillars of Unity: 

  • Sanctity of LIFE: The value of a Heartbeat
  • Sacredness of MARRIAGE: between Man/Woman
  • Ministry of MOTHERHOOD: Fabric of the Family
  • IDENTITY in CHRIST: Gifts, Callings & Purpose

Thank you for courageously taking on this assignment to send out a“HOLY ROAR” across our Nation.

Let us UNITE, as One Body, One Army and One Holy Roar to AWAKEN the Church and wage war against this darkness that has taken over our land.

We are #ONEVOICE underGOD

#ReadySetPray!   #PrayAmerica   #MamaBearMovement